2019 - a year of mini adventures

 I'd like this year to be one of adventures -
not anything huge and dramatic, just a combination of days out (hopefully to some new places), evening gigs, seeing everyday things in a new light, and trying just a little to step out of my familiar rut.


2nd Evening bus trip to book club -  I feel I've got too accustomed to being given a lift everywhere I go. It's nice, but makes me reliant on what my husband's doing in the evening. So, striking a blow for independence, I caught the bus

4th DPP Festival - Hunger Moon, Ayres, For the Girl, Arcade Hearts, The Covasettes

5th - Calke Abbey winter garden, tapas at Lorentes

6th - lunch at Cromford, trip to Manchester - taking the scenic route rather than the motorway, we stopped off at Cromford Wharf and sat outside by the canal and watched the ducks and swans squabbling over food - amazingly it was quite warm for January.

And I had a micro-adventure (if there is such a thing) in Manchester of finding my own way from my daughter's flat to the nearest shop. I've been many times but it's the first time alone when you fear you'll get lost - I didn't!

18th - Rebel Rebel gig, Bowie tribute band. I saw these guys a while ago, and I've been intending to catch them again, but haven't. A guy I knew at school plays with them but intends leaving soon so I had to make the effort and catch one of his last gigs.

23rd - dog-walking and re-discovering the countryside I grew up in

26th - Driving into town! For most folk this wouldn't be a big thing but a) I rarely drive anywhere, and b) this involved driving down town just before lunchtime on a Saturday! I wasn't going to push my luck though by going to a multi-storey car park where I'd have to drive up narrow ramps with concrete either side, but parked further out on a nice, fairly empty, open air car park.

27th - Early snowdrops on a blustery day at Shipley Park


3rd - back re-visiting old places from my childhood; Aldercar Flash nature reserve

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