Friday, 8 February 2019

Aldercar Flash Nature Reserve

With time to pass one morning, I've been out walking again back 'home'. This time down the hill leading to what is now Aldercar Flash nature reserve, run by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

When I was young, a disused railway line and canal ran alongside the Erewash river (there's still one railway line running up the valley), but then (as I've mentioned before) the area was outcropped and a lot changed.

 I remember walks alongside the canal, and farmland on either side, but at some point the valley flooded and now wetland nature reserves lie alongside the river; Aldercar Flash under Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, and Erewash Meadows belonging to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

This particular morning the wetlands were frozen, and we didn't leave the country lane that runs alongside the reserve.

Looking upstream (right) and down (below) from the bridge over the Erewash. I remember a wider river with steeper banks, but how much is due to change caused by outcropping, and how much due to childish distortion, I don't know.

One thing hasn't changed - the walk back up the hill. It's steeper than it looks here, getting even steeper at the top, and to my younger legs it always seemed an impossible mountain to climb.

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