Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Three Days Away - an almost holiday

I've been on holiday! 
Not a longhaul flight to somewhere exotic, not even a month in the country, but three days in Norfolk. To you it may not sound exciting but, apart from overnight stays to visit my youngest daughter, and trips to Curious Arts and Timber festivals, this is the nearest I've had to a proper holiday in years.

We were extremely lucky with the weather, considering the rain and floods elsewhere. Sometimes we carried coats 'in case' but once we reached Norfolk the skies were blue and sunny.

We visited stately homes and gardens, wandered round the seaside towns of  Norfolk's north coast, ate in beachside cafes and sitting on harbour walls, popped into Norwich one evening for a book launch at the Bicycle Shop (which doesn't sell bikes), walked along the edge of salt marshes and beaches, and even went paddling.

I have lots and lots of photos which no doubt I'll end up sharing here in various different posts, but for now here's a taster ... Belton and Peckover on the way there, Cromer for fish and chips in the evening, Felbrigg, cromer again (and paddling!) Mundesley, Norwich at night, Blickling, Wells-next-the-Sea, Burnham Deepdale, and Hunstanton on the way home. A busy three days.

There was just one downside - that it was hard to be away from home without remembering why it was even possible. There has to be a first time though and, in that respect, I'm glad it's over.

I've now planned a longer break (though still not a week) to Scotland later this month, and I'm starting to think about autumn adventures.

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