Saturday, 22 April 2017

Too much time on my hands ...

I always had an idea in my mind that when the children had grown and left home, I'd have plenty of time to go out and about and DO things - potter round local gardens and stately homes, nip off to the seaside without a moment's notice, take extra long summer holidays, that kind of thing. 
But oddly I'm finding it doesn't work like that at all, and it's one empty nest problem I'd never anticipated.

Throughout the children's years at school our holidays were obviously planned around term-times - we'd go away for a day or two at Easter, a week at Spring Bank holiday, a fortnight in summer, and another couple of days at Autumn half-term holidays. Now, of course, all that has changed. We could go away anytime we choose - so why don't we?
Now, in part, there's a problem with my parents' health, so I wouldn't want to be away from home for long - but I could still dart away for a night or two, and certainly there's nothing to stop me going out for the day. All I need to do is decide WHEN, and, with nothing steering me towards those traditional holiday times, when it's go away or go without, I just talk about taking some time out but always find a reason for it to not be right now.

Yes, there always seems something to be done - the lawn to cut, ironing pile to tackle, a bathroom to refit - but a greater problem seems to be that nothing is compelling us to go away on certain dates. Easter has come and gone with us thinking we'll go somewhere when the weather's nicer, or when there are less crowds (after all everyone's busy flocking to the seaside at Easter). Soon it will be May Day (same logic applies), then, at the end of the month, Spring Bank Holiday (such crowds rushing to the coast!), and before you know it schools' summer holidays, then September and getting a bit chilly.

 It actually seems that having time on our hands means we do nothing with it. So it's time to seize the day, get out there and do things! 

For starters, this next week or so I intend to be out and about looking at bluebells. It's only a minor achievement because really my decision's being forced on me again - due to their short flowering period, if I don't go now, I'll miss them. After that I think it's time to stop prevaricating, maybe take a pin and stick in the calendar if I can't decide any other way, and organise a holiday!


  1. Yes do it! Get out there are hunt bluebells! I can completely see how this would happen. And I agree, sticking a pin in the calendar is the best option. Looking forward to reading about how you got on. Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond

  2. You must do the Bluebells post haste - they won't be around for much longer. I totally understand you here - we spend a decade (still only half way though) living our lives by the school terms and then suddenly - everything we wished for is here - it's scary! To echo your words 'stick a pin it' is a good place to start. Come back to #tweensteensbeyond and let us know how the bluebells were Nicky

  3. Well, we spent last weekend out and about - hunting bluebells in our local wood, at Felley Priory gardens and at Shipley Country Park, and visiting Lea rhododendron gardens, but then spent most of the week exhausted! We need to ration our enthusiasm!

  4. It is so easy to prevaricate when you have time on your hands. I certainly find that. I am much better if I have a schedule then I make more of an effort to get on with other things and to pursue my outside interests. Otherwise it is so easy to say I will do it tomorrow. Love bluebell woods - hope you have been now. #TweensTeensBeyond

  5. My youngest is now 15 and I have been looking forward to the time that hubby and I can go away, out on day trips that we will enjoy. Without the constant "I'll only go if there is wifi" Teenage response.

    Hubby has said he would like to do a degree in history when we retire so that he has something to do. I am not a keen gardener. I explain to people when they gasp at the unkempt state of my garden that it is a natural wildlife haven.