Monday, 5 August 2019

At Carsington - Dreaming of the seaside on a sunny day

I live too far from the sea.
 In fact it's hard (though just about possible) to get further from the sea in Britain than where I live.

For the past few years when I couldn't take holidays, Carsington Water acted as a substitute.
It has water - either blue and serene, or grey and choppy - yachts that make that jangling harbour-side noise when moored, and windsurfers.

Walk along the dam or out to Stones Island, and you can pretend you're walking along a seaside prom.

It's the next best thing to real sea.
It just doesn't have sand, or a spot where I can paddle.

Although I had a real actual seaside break planned for later in the week, I couldn't resist the chance for a few minutes at Carsington last Monday

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