Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Early Snowdrops at Shipley

There are lots of reasons to love having my youngest daughter home for the weekend but one is that she encourages us to get out and do things. So with an hour or so to fill before her train time we went for a brief walk at Shipley Country Park.

It was a sunny, bright afternoon but winds were whipping across the hillside with some force (I had to take off my hat before I lost it!)

It was definitely too blowy for this tree!

 My garden snowdrops aren't really flowering yet so to see this carpet spreading under the trees was a lovely surprise.

When the snowdrops appear, it isn't long till Spring :)

It won't be many weeks, if that, till the main mass of snowdrops lining the old drive will flower, so I'll be back before long to see them.

Just a month later - snowdrops in flower and early daffodils

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