Thursday, 17 July 2014

Random sunset photos for no good reason

 When I'm on holiday, preferably by the sea, I always try to catch the sunset. At home, I rarely bother.

But last night, tempted by a red sky, I decided to make the effort. I didn't think to take the camera (!) so took the photos on my phone - they're pretty, but probably technically rubbish.

I had to walk through the dog-walking wood to get a clear view and at first thought I was too late but as I walked along the lie of the land made the sun appear to rise in the sky.

The 'blobs' by the sun aren't bits of dirt in the camera or on the lens, but odd smudgy clouds.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Welcoming in July

I'm often up and awake till 3 am at a time when the sky is starting to brighten again but haven't for a long while stayed up all night and seen the sun come up. I'd had a bit of a plan to stay up on Midsummer's Eve and welcome in the dawn but it fell through.
Last night though, with a good clear weather forecast, seemed as good a time as any to give it a go. So after a marathon all-night session of old episodes of Cold Feet, I was off out into the bright morning at about 4:30. I wasn't wanting to see sunrise over bricks and mortar so walked up to a spot where I felt we'd see the sun rise over open fields.
It was already light and for a while we thought we might be too late ...
...but we weren't.

As it started to climb though, the sun disappeared behind trees

..before emerging higher and brighter.

One last look as we headed home to bed - but I'm left with the thought of trying this every month...