Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Derby - Night and Day

St Peter's 
 I've been trying for a while, in a spirit of mindfulness, to take more notice of my surroundings instead of dashing straight past to wherever it is I need to be. My family tend to dismiss this as hanging around, taking too many photographs and instagramming everywhere, but for me it's a way of noticing what's around me, and I think we see things differently through the frame of a camera lens (even if that's only on my phone). There'll probably be more of this kind of blog - shots of things we'd walk past and ignore.

St Peter's

First, an evening trip down town to book club, which also included a mini-adventure of an after-dark trip on the bus. I did warn that these adventures would be 'mini', and not overly exciting, but travelling on a bus is a novelty for me.

Last chance to see the Christmas lights

Look above the shops. It's more interesting up there

At night the city looks different, the lights at the church and above the shops making features stand out that in daytime I'd never notice.

River Derwent and Council House
Council House

A few days later I was back in daytime, a wonderfully sunny day for January, with the Council House reflected in the Derwent, Exeter Bridge casting intriguing shadows, and the old Corn exchange building looking very imposing.

Old Corn Exchange

Walking back to the car park I even spotted blossom and early crocuses.

All it takes is a minute to stop and look around.


  1. I'm always with my camera, but I'm finding I'm taking far fewer pictures these days and just taking in my environment

    1. That works for me if I'm alone, but my husband always seems to want to get from A to B as quickly as possible, leaving no time to stand and stare. I should maybe introduce him to mindfulness :)

  2. Lovely ideas to take notice of what's around us, particularly look up!

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) There are so many things that we walk past on auto-pilot every day, and never pay attention to, aren't there?