Monday, 7 January 2019

Sixty things challenge

 I set out last January with the intent of trying out sixty new things over the course of the year to celebrate my 60th birthday. I didn't quite make it, as circumstances got int he way but I managed  a nice round 50, and from making spaghetti carbonara to eating cold pizza it's been fun.

The full list is on the Sixty Things for Sixty Years page but here are some of the high (and low) points.

Annie's Burger Shack -
a converted chapel

I've stepped outside my culinary comfort zone and eaten lots of new things in new places from poutine at Woodside Festival to pizzas at Rudy's, and salad nicoise at The Wharf in Manchester, tapas at Lorente's, and burgers at Annie's Burger Shack in Derby. I've discovered I don't like squid or chicken in plum sauce, but I do love cold pizza!

Lodge Hill Bluebells, Yoxall

Circumstances kept me at home this year, and apart from an overnight stay in Manchester (booking an Air BnB in someone's house) I've not been 'away', but there are always things waiting to be found right under our noses, from visiting new snowdrop and bluebell displays, 

Timber Festival

to exploring places near where I grew up - regenerated pit and quarry sites, canals, and tunnels under Nottingham - to finding new music venues and festivals nearby (DPP, Woodside and Timber). 

The greatest surprise has been discovering how much I like Manchester. I'm not a city person, preferring gardens, countryside or the sea for a day out, but something about the mix of old and new in Manchester fascinates me. These two photos were taken merely by turning round!

The greatest disappointment? Trying to cook custard in the microwave - a horrible disaster I won't be repeating!
I was surprised how many simple things I hadn't actually done, so next year I plan to continue and #trysomethingnew

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