Friday, 25 January 2019

Treats to brighten up January

It's post-Christmas, and January is cold and miserable. By February there'll hopefully be snowdrop gardens to visit, crocuses flowering, and Spring to look forward to, but January is in my opinion the dullest month of the year. So, armed with my 'Christmas money' I've been treating myself.

As a small child, when toys were always fun, I never really appreciated being given money instead of something I could play with, (also, I was so often made to put some in my post office account) but as I turned into a teenager I realised that having what seemed like a considerable amount of money to spend just as I pleased was a great idea. I still feel the same. Don't get me wrong, I love prettily wrapped presents from my nearest and dearest, something chosen with care and love, but sometimes it's nice to be able to go out and treat yourself, without having to justify the expenditure - and, admit it, January is full of tempting sales bargains.

I started, as many of us no doubt would, with new clothes - some tops, a new dress, which is too tight and I REALLY need to slim down to get into, but it so gorgeous and was an amazing bargain.

Then I got tempted by an on-line yarn sale ... Since my grandson's been born, I've been gradually getting back into knitting (particularly when binge-watching box-sets) and I thought it was time to make something for myself so, despite the mass of odds and ends hoarded away, I treated myself to some half-price wool to make a cardigan - it's also the perfect colour to go with some of my newly purchased tops.

On a trip to the DIY store for paint, I found myself bringing home a few plants from the 'reduced to clear' rack  - a carnation, six wallflowers and 24 pansies - all for £1.50!

For now they're living on the work surface in the porch waiting for the weather to improve but in spring I hope the garden will be a mass of colour.

My one trip in deliberate search of sale bargains nearly failed. I went looking for shoes or boots, and couldn't find any to suit, or at least that I thought were reduced enough in price. But the day was saved by (half-price) chocolates! I love Hotel Chocolat goodies but they're a special treat and I'd never buy them for myself at full price. Remembering the newly-bought too-tight dress, I also picked up a dieting book in a sale.

Having shampoo to buy I found myself close to make-up counters so ... some 'Twitter blue' nail varnish and a luscious plum lipstick. Both were from teenage 'pocket money' brands but treats don't need to cost a fortune.

A joint treat to share with my husband (along with the chocolates). I'm a fan of Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths) and saw this at the cinema. I wasn't sure my husband would enjoy it, but he did.

Those 'sale' e-mails just keep coming throughout January, don't they? I have one Emma Bridgewater mug with a pattern of oranges in, and this one makes a perfect, complementary but not matching, pair for it.

And, last though not least, having failed to find what I wanted in the shops, brought to me by the power of the internet, shoes!

Time to stop spending for a while now. Like a good little child, I shall save some money, for adults always have bigger treats they need -  new kitchen cupboards, a room or two in need of decoration - but they can wait till Spring.

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