Thursday, 11 January 2018

DPP Festival, Sitwell Tavern


My year of sixty new things got off to an accidental good start at weekend. My daughter (Ayres) was booked to perform as the opening act of DPP Festival at  Sitwell Tavern in Derby, so of course I went along.  I like following her adventures - they take me to places I would never have considered going, and, as fairly obviously looking like someone's mum, folk don't look at you as if you're crazed for being the only person over 40 in the room (though actually, I've been mistaken elsewhere for someone's mum when I'd just gone along to listen ).

After Ayres' act we hung around to listen to the next two acts up - Derby indie band, Hitfaced (great name!) and, all the way from Manchester, the Covasettes. Both were great, and I'll be looking out to catch them elsewhere.

Covasettes' frontman, Chris Buxton

So, I'm claiming four 'new' things from the evening - two new bands, new festival, new venue - though my daughter says the whole challenge will be too easy if that's my idea of new experiences! That's possibly true, but I have to find 5 new things every month, and I did say some would be quite easy. 
Maybe I'll work up to something harder ...

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