Friday, 15 April 2016

Another Year, Another Birthday

Well, another birthday's come and gone.

 Another year older. No getting out of it.

Another year wiser? Not sure about that.

Certainly it's another year closer to my next 'landmark' birthday (one that I don't quite want to admit to) but at the same time, due to changing goalposts, I'm no nearer to pension age and a free bus pass.

I don't feel remotely old enough for this. Some part of me will be forever a teenager - though my energy and fitness levels might not agree with that thought - and in many ways I'm back at a time of life when it's possible to be irresponsible and self-centred. No mortgage. No job. No children to take care of. Basically a feeling that now it's time for self-indulgence - not a diet of cake and cocktails, but a chance to take up all those things I've been meaning to but never found the time. I shan't be getting out my back-pack and heading off for a gap year (ageing parents prevent me even taking a normal holiday) but hopefully getting out my old dried-up paints, the pile of language cds, going out more in the evening etc etc

I've become aware that it's too easy to fall into a trap of doing very little; pottering round the house and garden, watching a box set of an evening, or wasting a day just doing the supermarket shop! Somehow, any tasks just seem to expand to fit the day. That teenage bit of me doesn't want to settle down into a comfortable middle-age of shrinking horizons. It wants to seize the day, get out there and do something!

So, added to my New Year resolutions, that's my aim for this year - to stop finding excuses, and DO something!

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