Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Good venue, great music, dodgy photos....

A couple of Sundays ago we headed off to Ripley for a pub-based evening of acoustic music. It may be only twenty minutes away but to be honest I can't remember the last time I went to Ripley, so everything was new and exciting!

We'd heard about the evening through singer/songwriter Joe McCorriston when we saw him performing not that long ago in Nottingham, and since then I'd found, and followed, the organisers, Roots Acoustic, on social media (as you do) They promote local musicians at three pub venues in the Notts/Derby area, with events three nights of every week, but we thought we'd wait and go along to Joe McCorriston's gig as our first.

Arthur Cunnington

The venue was the Thorn Tree Inn on Ripley's market square - so easy enough for even us out-of-towners to find - and we arrived earlier than most, so grabbed a table at the front and settled down. As the place filled up I was surprised to find the audience older than I'd expected -  this is probably due to going along to a lot of events organised by my Teen, and attended by her friends, so anyone over 25 starts to look old(!), but it was nice that for once I didn't feel like the most ancient person there.

David Kay

As I've already said, the promoters,  Roots Acoustic, usually put on local 'undiscovered' acts but this evening they were drawn from all over the country - first act Rosina had travelled up from Wiltshire, Joe McCorriston and David Kay had come down from Morecambe and South Cumbria, making Arthur Cunnington, from 'near-by' Melton Mowbray, the nearest to a local. All of them would fit loosely under a banner of 'folk' music, though with very different styles, and all in all we had a great evening (fortunately calls from the audience for Wurzels' songs were resisted).

Joe McCorriston

We'll definitely be back to see more performers at these Roots Acoustic evenings - and to check out the other venues.


  1. Always nice to try out something new, or "new to you" in Ripley I guess :D

    1. Thinking about it, the last place we went to in Ripley was one of those noisy children's indoor play centres (about ten years ago). This was a definite improvement!