Friday, 29 April 2016

A True Story about Patrick Craig

Last autumn my teen decided she'd move from reviewing music to promoting it. So one night in October I headed to Nottingham to help out with taking money at the door and such.
Originally, two guys had been expected to perform but an extra one had been added at the last minute  As I got there, taking my jacket off and setting my little table up, the guys were just finishing sound-checking and that "late addition", Patrick Craig, was starting to play. Something in his voice or what he was singing made me stop what I was doing and listen - and I was mesmerised.
He's not the only singer/songwriter I've discovered over the past few months, through either my teen's gigs or places I'm been on my own, but most of them I've checked out through music streaming sites before hearing them live; Patrick was totally unexpected - and more memorable for it.

Since then I've followed him and his plans over social media, demanded his EPs for Christmas presents, gone to see him whenever he's been performing locally - and hopefully not come over as a weird stalker! Today his debut album, True Story, is released - hopefully the first step to bigger things. Have a listen via the link below -

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