Monday, 18 June 2018

Mapperley Reservoir, Shipley

To be honest, lovely sunny weather can seem so rare that it seems a shame to spend any hour of it indoors, so a late evening walk seems like a perfect idea.

We were out very late this evening, and the sun was nearly setting as we started out on our walk, alongside Mapperley reservoir.
It's such a tranquil spot now that it's hard to believe that not so very long ago this area was 'outcropped' for coal.

Shipley Country Park is criss-crossed by private roads - access to the farms and private houses there - so, after a short walk along footpaths, we followed these back to the car park. It makes finding your way as the light fades easier.

The hedgerows and verges either side glowed white with cow parsley, hogweed and elderflowers.

It would have been nice to have a dramatic sunset to round off the day, but the sun sank below a bank of cloud, just leaving a glow behind.

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