Sunday, 24 June 2018

Another new walk - Erewash canal

My determination to thoroughly explore the area I grew up in continues ... this time with a canal-side walk. I've passed over the Erewash canal countless times driving back and forth to my parents, but never stopped to look.

 So, with the promise of a pleasant evening, we parked up and walked.

Canal-sides always make for good walking - they're flat, apart from near locks, generally well surfaced, and you can't get lost. Just walk half the distance you feel up to, or have time for, then retrace your steps.

Erewash canal runs alongside the river of the same name, more or less on the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We started our walk just south of Langley Mill, heading 'downstream' towards Shipley Boat, and actually passing over the river Erewash at one point.

It isn't maybe quite as tranquil as it appears, as we could hear the noise of traffic on the A610, but it was a pleasant walk nonetheless, with lots of wild roses, irises, elderflowers, and a swan who seemed ready to pose for a picture.

Passing over the River Erewash

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