Friday, 20 April 2018

Evening walk at Locko Park

It seems like only a week or so ago that we had snow, but in the last couple of days summer seems to have suddenly arrived here. It's proved a bit of a shocking change, and, although I wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine (because, face it, who knows how long it will last?) it's seemed too hot to do much during the day - so an evening stroll seemed a better option.

I was looking for somewhere quiet, preferably with water, and without hills (!) and I'd been thinking of going to one of our regular 'on the doorstep' walks when I remembered an even closer spot that fitted the bill exactly. Locko Park is just on the edge of Derby, and if I were feeling energetic I could walk there, but I wasn't, and it was still hot, so we took the car and parked at the entrance.

Locko Hall glimpsed across the lake

It isn't really a place that's open to the public, but there's a right of way which follows the main drive, skirting a lake with distant views of the hall.

We then followed a footpath up to a small wood with bluebells, where we caught the sun setting like a ball of flame before retracing our steps to the car.

  It's a lovely peaceful spot, surrounded by low hills that somehow cut off the outside world, and I don't know how we dropped out of the habit of walking there. What brought it to mind today was an upcoming food and music festival, BlokOut, which I mentioned recently. The place won't be as quiet that weekend, but it's a wonderful location for such an event.

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