Sunday, 8 April 2018

Looking for signs of Spring

I mentioned a while ago that I'd been out and about, trying to grab some down-time after the hassle of March with walks at Shipley Country Park and Lea Gardens, but I realise I never posted my photos.
So here they are - or at least a small number of them, as I took a LOT as always.

First Shipley Country Park, where the snowdrops were giving way to drifts of daffodils.

The trees may be bare, but at their feet stretches a carpet of yellow. They're absolutely stunning when in full flower, and even a few weeks too early they're lovely.

 Then, a few days later we went to Lea Gardens to see the earliest of the huge rhododendron collection. There's not many flowering yet, but the hillside garden is still worth a walk round, especially if, like us, you buy a season ticket with the intent of going back to see the garden change over the year.

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