Monday, 9 April 2018

Birthday week

We all like birthdays, don't we? Cake and presents, and cake, and possibly more cake. But I never quite think a single day of celebration is enough, especially when it's a huge round-number birthday as mine is this year. So I've managed (yet again) again to drag things out over a week or so.

To start, we packed the car with adults and baby grandson, and headed north to youngest daughter's flat for the first of my birthday lunches.  There's an odd mix of beverages on offer when everyone's gathered together but the cake looked more traditional - and tasted delicious.
On my actual birthday the rain came down, so elder daughter came round (with baby) and prepared 'high tea' for lunch - three sorts of delicate, crust-free finger sandwiches (including smoked salmon), with scones and cake to follow.  The only thing we lacked was a fancy cake stand to serve things on, and maybe some pretty china tea-cups would have looked better than mugs, but neither would have improved the taste :0

Next day, to prove its total disregard for the calendar, the sun came out. Although we had 'chores' to do, I managed to sneak a few hours outside at Allestree park on the edge of Derby. It's mainly laid to golf course but the walk around the lake is attractive, especially with blue sky reflecting in the water.

Still not finished with this birthday ... Friday evening saw us at Nottingham's JT Soar listening to George Gadd, Helen Chamber, She Makes War, and Ben Marwood.

Then at the weekend, my youngest daughter came home, and we had another day out - this time to Chatsworth.

It's been a lovely week, and I think I've done quite well with my celebrating, but maybe now it's time to get back to normal ...


  1. I have that one to come along next year, it takes planning doesn't it? It seems that you had some lovely days and lots of cake, nom. I miss our trips to Derbyshire with my late inlaws, there were some beautiful places to see. I just may have Chatsworth envy. x

    1. Part of me wanted one big birthday bash, but looking back, making a whole week of it was a much better idea :) I do love Chatsworth - definitely a season ticket that earns its worth for us! If you're ever visiting here, give me a shout :)