Thursday, 29 March 2018

New start

As I wrote earlier this week, I've decided to abandon March to its snow and ill health, and begin April a little early - in fact I feel a bit like being an April Fool and starting the year now, with a whole new set of resolutions (or at least the old ones dusted down, and renewed)

These first three months have passed in a blur, with so much happening (baby grandson, daughter moving out, parents being ill) that 'real' life seems to have been on hold. Now at last I feel things are quietening down somewhat, and I can pause, take stock

 The troublesome events of last month left me exhausted in a way I don't ever remember being, and at times like these it's hard to deny that I'm not so young any more. Dashing round after others is a sure way to neglect your own health, and I feel this is what has happened to me - too many quick, easy, ready meals and takeaways, no time for fresh air and exercise, and no time either to really relax.
So from now on, things are going to be different...
First and foremost, a determination to eat more healthily. I'm not dieting (that seems a silly thing to do when I've no energy) but instead eating more! Don't panic, it's only in the form of adding salad to my lunchtime sandwiches, and extra vegetables to my evening meals - even upgrading fish and chips with corn on the cob, and BBQ beans.

The recent warmer weather has tempted me out and about to Chatsworth, Shipley, and Lea Rhododendron Gardens, so I've taken more exercise, but, equally as important, relaxed for a while.

Now I'm feeling ready to start the year anew, get back to my sixty new things to celebrate my birthday (with some exciting plans coming up), and generally take on the world again.  It's rather strange now with only two of us in the house, but gradually we're getting used to it, and starting to find positive aspects to having no grown-up children around. There doesn't seem to be much hope of taking a proper holiday while my parents are ill, so I'm planning short over-night breaks, and another summer of staycationing from home. All in all I think (hope) things are looking up, that the sunny weather will soon be here, and summer will be good!


  1. I think that spring should be when the new year starts, not the end of Dec. Its so much easier to actually get motivated and start doing things. All the best going forward #TTB

    1. Thank you, Jeremy. I suppose there are arguments for starting at several points of the year - as the days lengthen at the end of December, when flowers and leaves start to appear in Spring, or even when summer's heat (if there is any) cools in September. I often find early autumn, associated as it is with back-to-school, another time when I feel like starting projects. Interesting though that midsummer doesn't feel to me like a turning point ...