Wednesday, 28 March 2018

First trip of the year to Chatsworth

Sunday was lovely and sunny (even warm!) so the perfect day to start my 'take more exercise' plan with a walk round Chatsworth gardens, heading for the higher, wilder areas, that feel like woodland rather than manicured gardens, and following the streams that feed ponds, waterfalls and fountains.

For Easter there's a trail (really aimed at children) on which you can spot all sorts of animals made of basketry - sheep, chickens, foxes and even deer. We decided to tackle this the hard way, by not picking up a map - so didn't find all of them!

We had out own animal along too as Chatsworth is one of those rare places that allow dogs into the gardens.

We don't bring him along every time but he must remember previous visits as he got excited the minute the car turned off the road, and he caught sight of the house!

I hope he enjoyed his day out :)

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