Sunday, 25 March 2018

Writing-off March

March has not been a good month. In some ways it's raced by, in others it's dragged, but throughout it life seems to have been on hold, either due to my parents' ill health and the associated round of hospital and care home visiting, or the snow that's plaguing this spring. I feel I'd had such great plans for what I'd intended to do this year, and they're as squashed as the daffodils flattened by snow
But I'm not one to stay down for long. We've passed the equinox, the clocks do their forward leap this weekend, and schools have broken up for Easter, so, despite yet another troubled week, I think things are looking up and it's time for a new start.
I'm going to declare March a useless sort of month, put it behind me and start April early. There's a couple of days of sunny weather forecast, giving me a chance to get out and about, and I'm planning things for later in the month, so this pre-April week is starting well.


  1. Too right! Well done you. March really has been a very 'nothing' month hasn't it? I have felt the same - there must be something in the air. Bring on April and some sunshine for goodness sake! Sorry to hear about your parents' ill health, that must be a drain on you all :(

    1. Thank you Suzanne, it has been a trying time but I'm hoping things are improving - I'm just not so sure I can say the same yet about the weather :(