Monday, 29 January 2018

A Typical Sunday?

 What do you consider to be a typical Sunday? Is there such a thing? A slow start to the day, followed by a slower afternoon watching old films on TV, maybe a big Sunday roast dinner squeezed in somewhere?

Well, this was mine -

a spur of the moment decision to check out the progress of Spring and Shipley Country Park's snowdrops (more pics here)

Then out to a local pub where my daughter was playing at a charity music gig

and rounding the day off with one (possibly two) of my new Sixty Things - tapas (including calamari). Admittedly neither of these will be new to many folk but they are to me, which is what counts for these challenges/celebrations.

Younger daughter has been wanting to take me to Lorentes Tapas Bar in Derby for a while, but I asked her to wait till this new year and make it part of my Sixty Things. I loved the whole tapas idea - a bit like trying everything from the starters section of a menu, and everything was so beautifully presented. I'll definitely be back - but my instinct was right - I didn't like the squid!

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