Monday, 4 December 2017

Skinny Lister again

Skinny Lister were back at Nottingham's Rescue Rooms last week, so of course I was along, singing, clapping, dancing (well, bouncing) and more singing.

This is the fourth time I've seen them, and to me they're a bit special. I'm late coming to live music so Skinny Lister were at my first festival, then my first 'real' gig, and the first time I went to Rescue Rooms - and I've loved every time.

How to describe a Skinny Lister gig to someone who's never seen them? 
Well, "shanty punk" is how they themselves describe their music - so imagine sea shanties with a 'rockier' beat mixed with some quieter 'folkier' tunes. 

What I love though is the atmosphere. You don't stand quietly and listen to the band, just applauding at the end of a song. Instead, you stomp your feet, clap your hands, and sing along. The band's enthusiasm and energy is just infectious! For that hour or whatever, the audience are all mates having a bit of a sing-song, led by the guys on stage. There's even a flagon of whisky passed down from the stage and around the audience!

 Previously it's been just me and my daughter along, but hubby decided he was missing out (we could have told him that before!) and came along too. He's claims to have enjoyed it but for a man who usually loves to sing embarrassing 'dad songs' out loud, he kept surprisingly quiet.  Even if he didn't know the words the choruses are easily picked up - and if in doubt singing 'too-rye-ay' fits in most places, as you'd expect with sea shanties.

I went home a bit deafened and a bit hoarse, got woken in the night by cramp in muscles I didn't know I had, could barely get downstairs next morning for stiff aching legs, but I had a brilliant night and refuse to believe I'm too old for this!

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