Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Shipley Sunset Walk

One of my aims for this weekend was to get out and about, take some exercise, and have a bit of a stay-at-home holiday. So, as it was such a lovely evening and having spent part of the day inside at Haddon Hall looking at the sculpture exhibition, we picked up the dog and headed out to Shipley Country Park just in time to catch the sunset - and, yes, we'd cut it fine, with the sun sinking below the horizon almost as we arrived.

It was still light enough for a short walk up through the trees on Horsepool Hill where someone had been busy 'yarnbombing'. Is this art, do you think? Where I've seen it on metal railings or lamp-posts it's definitely brightened things up, but I'm not sure that trees really need improving.

This viburnum was brightening things up naturally, with clusters of bright red berries and leaves already beginning to take on their autumnal colours.

Then, coming out of the trees and walking down what was once the drive to Shipley Hall, we found the sky still clear and streaked with the last light.

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