Monday, 14 August 2017

Haddon Hall - Shadows and Whispers by Nik Ramage; mechanical sculptures exhibition

gramophone - turn a handle, the record rotates
and plays!

One of the reasons for going to Haddon Hall this weekend, besides the important one of having annual passes and liking to make the most of them, was to catch an exhibition of mechanical sculptures by Nik Ramage.

Punctuation Orrery - punctuation marks
 move like the planets

From the description, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but, to be honest, give me a handle to turn which rotates a wheel, which moves a pivot, and causes another piece to jiggle up and down, and I'm hooked.

A spirit level constantly moving,
unable to find equilibrium

I haven't posted photographs of all the exhibits - for one thing, mine didn't turn out very clear, and, more importantly, I feel you need to be there to fully appreciate them.

The long and twisted route from A to B

Two Face Clock - the clock-faces turn and
the hands stand still

In the Long Gallery, once used for daily exercise,
a number of mechanical marvels based on the theme of walking

Shoe Cycle

Circle Cycle - no straight-line motion from this!
This was definitely my favourite - a cake-mixer drawing machine. Put paper underneath, pop coloured pens in the holders, turn the handle and a spirograph-style drawing emerges. OK, mine wasn't the tidiest, but it was fun to do!

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