Thursday, 20 July 2017

Splashing out on new camping equipment

Last week we got the tent out for a practice run before going away for the weekend, and realised it was time to go out and actually buy the extra gear we'd been promising ourselves. Last year we managed with an inflatable mattress, a sleeping bag and a light, but now it's time to splash out - and fortunately a lot of camping/outdoors stores have sales on.

So here it is, well most of it, in all its glory

a water carrier (Decathlon) so we can have a handy supply (mainly for the dog)

a waterproof picnic rug (Halfords sale) to act as a sort of carpet in the outer living area - we also picked up a mallet to knock pegs in, and a thing to pull them back out from the same place

two chairs;  space in the car is the major issue here - some really comfy chairs I saw elsewhere would actually take up more space collapsed than the tent does, so we picked the absolute basic version from Blacks (again in a sale)

and twinkly lights, an essential to mark our tent from others, and hopefully show where the guy ropes are. I was surprised to not find ANY in camping stores and I ended up at Wilkos!

I'm also going to take a pop-up bin which youngest daughter received in a freshers' week gift pack  but has never used.

And that's it! 
Camping at its most minimal.

You've probably spotted the lack of cooking/washing equipment - well, we're heading to Curious Arts Festival where the food is great, and the showers are warm, so there's no real need. Maybe if we ever take up 'proper' camping we'll have to re-think, but for now it's unnecessary clutter.

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