Saturday, 1 July 2017

Three Days - mainly in pictures

 I've had a busy sort of time these last few days, pulling in a bit of all the sorts of things I do.

Firstly ... Thursday evening, at J T Soar in Nottingham for music and spoken word.
Joshua Jones, Scarecrow Boat and Phaedra's Love on tour, my daughter snagging herself a set as Ayres, and local-ish band Fatmate from Leicester rounding things off.

Scarecrow Boat (sorry about the lighting)
A good evening, even though I had to do a stint watching 'the door', a sizeable crowd, and lots of new sounds to hear.

The door

Friday - into town for a quick look at the Weeping Window poppies designed by Derby artist Paul Cummins. They're also 'on tour' and till 23rd July will be pouring from the top of Derby's Silk Mill rather than the Tower of London.

To be honest I found them less impressive in real life than they appear in photographs, but at least in can say I've seen them.

 On the way to the Silk Mill we passed the memorial to the time Bonnie Prince Charlie spent in Derby as he pressed south towards London in 1745. This was the furthest he got. before he decided to retreat, and his bid for the throne ended at Culloden. It's not easy to photograph this 'plaque' as it's quite long and placed on a narrow walkway by the river. It says "Prince Charles Edward Stuart arrived in Derby on 4th December 1745 and held Council of War in Exeter house on this site".*

And Saturday was a much quieter day spent in the garden - shelling peas with the help of my assistant (he was in charge of any that fell on the floor), and admiring the flowers.

waiting for the first Day Lily to open

 Lavender is now reaching across the main path, the later pink roses are flowering, as is the first sweet pea. The day lilies maybe need some more sun.

first sweet pea

So, a gig, a bit of art and history, and lounging in the garden - good times :)

 *there's even a Wikipedia entry

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