Thursday, 13 July 2017

End of season visit to Lea Gardens

Despite being 'local' Lea Gardens are a recent discovery. I first visited at the beginning of April as it was coming into flower, then later in the month when it was stunning. Having bought a season pass, I'd intended going back again in May or June, but life and weather got in the way, and I've only just found time to go back.

Polar Bear at a distance

Being a garden devoted to rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias, it's definitely past its peak now, but there are still a few flowers lingering on, and a couple of huge late-flowering 'Polar Bear' shrubs still full of buds!
Polar Bear close up

In the upper section, the acers are more noticeable now the rest of the garden is more subdued, and hidden behind a huge clump of gunnera we found a pond with delightful water lilies.

Although the gardens close at the end of this month, as a season pass holder I can visit all year round, and I've been told the deciduous azaleas are wonderful in autumn, so I'll be trying to visit again.

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