Thursday, 30 March 2017

Messing About With Time

Here it is Thursday, and I still haven't got the hang of the clocks 'going forward' last weekend. I'm sleeping through the morning alarm, and can't sleep at night. I feel like tantruming like a child and demanding my hour back!

I don't mind the autumnal 'gain an extra hour'. I think that's something we can all find useful - whether we just grab an extra hour's sleep or get up and do something with the time.

But I've always resented losing an hour of sleep to the Spring 'leap forward' but I suspect the younger you are, the easier it is to cope with, even if you are more likely to have a set timetable to keep. In fact, it's probably that lack of structure to my day that's causing my problems. Providing the teen is up and out to work on time, I can laze around as much as I like, eat lunch when I feel hungry, and let dinner stray late into the evening - Monday's wasn't till 9!

I often wonder why we need to go to all this clock-changing fuss anyway. Yes, the longer evenings of summer are nice. No, we wouldn't want darker mornings in winter (they're bad enough as it is). But how would the 'middle-way' work out? Instead of leaping forward a whole hour in Spring, why not just move by thirty minutes, and then leave the clocks alone in Autumn? Would it be so bad to never run on 'real' Greenwich time?

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