Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Getting outside in Spring


I'm trying to get out and about a bit more, to keep up with #OneHourOutside and encourage a certain level of mindfulness and awareness about how Spring is progressing, and we've had such lovely weather this week that it seemed a shame to miss out on the daily dog walk.

sloe blossom

Left to themselves I think hubby and the dog just chase round their normal route rarely paying much attention to anything beyond throwing and catching the ball. Me, I like to take my time, spot the newly opened primroses and blossom on sloes and cherries, admire the view over Derbyshire, look at frog spawn and listen to the birds.

bird cherry in blossom

It's not a long walk but it takes me from a built-up suburb to a spot on the far side of the wood where I can see out over the Derbyshire hills. Sadly this view may not be around for much longer as there are plans underway to build on the fields in the foreground - hopefully when the new housing is finished it will be possible to walk through it to a new viewpoint, meanwhile I should make the most of it.

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