Monday, 6 March 2017

Hopton Hall - and more snowdrops

As part of my determination to get out and about more, and visit new places, even if they're almost on my doorstep, we went out on Saturday to Hopton Hall, near Wirksworth, to see yet another snowdrop display.

Despite Hopton being only 30 minutes or so from home, I've never been before but I'd heard that the snowdrop display was really worth catching - and it was!

This weekend was the last Spring 'snowdrop' opening and close up some of the flowers were looking a little past their best but even so en masse they still looked amazing.

First we followed a winding path of bark chippings which led in a round-about way through trees with carpets of snowdrops beneath ...

Then we moved to a more formally laid out area of garden - in summer this would be full of the colour and scent of roses but even in winter with only the 'bare bones' to be seen it's still an attractive place to wander

After this, we followed a path lined with snowdrops to a more naturally landscaped section of garden ...

...round the wildlife pond ...

...and back to the car park via another snowdrop lined path.
It was a lovely short walk, taking us just over an hour, although we did rather linger at various points. I'll definitely be back in summer to catch the rose garden in bloom.

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