Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Scotland 2014 #2 Falkirk - the Wheel and the Helix

I seem to spend a lot of time pottering about by canals - for one thing I love the flat, reliable surfaced walks alongside them!

There's an extra attraction to the canal at Falkirk though - the Wheel, a boatlift which joins the Forth + Clyde and Union canals, replacing a long flight of locks.

We were lucky enough to arrive just as it started to rotate.

You can take a boat trip and be carried aloft in the Wheel but we walked up the hill....

....through a spooky tunnel.....

...and discovered Santa's hideaway at the end of it.

Then we moved on a few miles (made more by getting lost) to The Helix, a country park dominated by the magnificent Kelpie sculptures.

I saw the mini mock-ups of these a few years ago at Falkirk Wheel and had been eagerly waiting to see them in their finished form.

Although strikingly wonderful from a distance, I think they lose something close to, when all the construction details can be seen.
This is probably my preferred distance - when they can be seen as a whole.

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