Saturday, 23 August 2014

Scotland 2014 #1 Roadtrip

This year's trip to Scotland started in that most romantic of spots - Gretna Green. Really it's just another out-of-town shopping experience these days but couples still get married in the Old Blacksmith Shop - in fact a wedding had just finished as we got there (just as well, as before we left torrential rain fell)

The next morning was dry and bright as we headed off to Loch Lomond...

First to the pretty village of Luss on the western shore which we've visited before ...

 .....then to somewhere new - Balmaha on the eastern shore

 ...with a short walk along the Millennium Forest Path to a hilltop viewpoint ..

 ..and back along the shores of the loch


  1. I remember when I went to Gretna Green I was a bit puzzled, there did not seem anything very special about it except, as you say, shopping.

    1. I think it's still cashing in on its reputation as a place to elope to - but I can't imagine any runaway couples pursued by angry parents turning up there nowadays.