Saturday, 2 August 2014

August Dawn

 After staying up all night to see the sun rise on  first of July, I decided to do it again and welcome in August the same way.

Sadly, although dry, the weather wasn't really cooperative this time.

Somewhere behind the bank of mist on the horizon, the sun is rising...

Lots of light shining behind the clouds but the source wasn't visible at all.

 Eventually, as I headed home, the sun rose out of the mist, balancing on farm buildings

and peering through the hedgerow.

This month dawn was forty minutes later than in July, just before 5;30,making it a very long night. So, although there's something special about staying up all night till sun-rise, if I try to catch the sun's first rays on September 1st, I may sleep first and get up early.

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