Saturday, 2 November 2013

Weekend away - part 2

Well, we were supposed to be heading for Norfolk - and actually had a B&B booked not far from Holt but from Belton we decided to head to Tattershall Castle, which we've passed on previous occasions and found closed. This time, we checked the National Trust handbook properly to be sure it would be open!

It's so complete because it was restored about a hundred years ago by Lord Curzon who bought it to avoid bits of it being sold off and taken to the US.

 Because it's structurally sound, you can go right up to the roof where there's wonderful views of all the countryside around - and the weather too!

And once you've got to Tattershall, the nearest seaside point is Skegness, so we headed there just as the sun was setting and all Skeggy's lights were coming on.

 There is a beach, half a pier and, somewhere in the distance, the sea....

but slot-machines, amusements and flashing lights are what Skeg is really about

Eventually though it was time to follow the sign on the donut stall and head for Norfolk!

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