Saturday, 2 November 2013

Weekend away - part 3

 Norfolk at last!
 After getting side-tracked through Lincolnshire on day 1, there were only so many places we could visit before heading home.

Fortunately we had an extra hour due to the clocks going back so started the day with a sunny morning pottering round Holt.

which is quaint even when the dustbins try to hog the spotlight.

I could have spent all day exploring alley-ways and browsing shops but, only having one day in Norfolk, we wanted to pull in as much as possible..

 Yet another National Trust property - Blickling Hall - where a lot of time was spent with my head tilted back to see their magnificent ceilings. I rather fancy the painted one to replace my 1980s artex :)

After a short walk round the gardens and lunch in one of the cafes, it was time for the most important part of our trip - on to the seaside!!


  1. Norfolk really does have some good things in and I was fascinated at how interesting Norwich is when I last visited.

    1. In all our trips to Norfolk, we've never visited Norwich - apart from the ring-road! It could be a good destination next time the Teen suggests a city break.