Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sotheby's at Chatsworth

Autumn brings the Sotheby's Sculpture Exhibition back to Chatsworth.
This year, instead of the usual format of varied work from a variety of artists, everything on display was by one sculptor, Barry Flanagan. 

There were a variety of hares, some elephants and a horse.

This is the Nijinski hare - to be found in several sizes and positions...
.... on the backs of elephants...
....balancing on an anvil...

 ..with his twin..

there are bowling hares - on top of the Empire State building

balancing hares...

..a sculling hare

..and my favourite, the troubador hare

 a horse
and elephants

I think I marginally miss the variety of other years - of having a greater surprise when tracking down the next sculpture and of having some to like and some to think are awful.


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