Saturday, 1 September 2012

Three Men In A Boat - Edinburgh Fringe

Another free show, another venue - this time in an empty shop in Princes Mall!

Three Men in a Boat is an adaptation of Jerome K Jerome's book of the same title, written and performed by the rather strangely named Fat-Headed Chunks   - a Cumbrian theatre company. Overworked and overstressed, J, Harris and George, accompanied by Montmorency the terrier, head off up the Thames for a relaxing boating holiday.
An empty shop doesn't seem like the ideal venue for theatre but it worked surprisingly well - my main criticism would be that at times it was a little difficult to see clearly from the back as the 'stage' area wasn't raised.  Even so we passed an entertaining hour in the company of the Three Men and various others they encountered on their journey - all played by four cast members with some quick changes of costume. The story was mainly presented as a narration with interspersed dramatised sections. The venue, set up time etc restricted the use of props and huge sets but it captured the feel of a journey on the river really well.
Definitely a theatre group I'd catch again.

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  2. I tried seeing a production of this in York but it was sold out. Sounds like this was a good one. I love theatre performed in spaces meant for other uses. I even saw a play in a jail once. I so must go to Edinburgh next year.

    1. I discovered once we got home that another version was 'on' starring Rodney Bewes. I wish I'd seen that to compare the two, though expensive performances are not necessarily the best.