Thursday, 6 September 2012

Being Lucky #beingearnest

We were extremely lucky yesterday.
We'd been discussing in the morning whether or not we could afford a trip to see The Importance of Being Earnest at Nottingham Playhouse as we'd overspent on our theatre budget during our Edinburgh Fringe trip. Just after lunch I checked Twitter and discovered the Playhouse (@SkyMirror) were running a competition to win tickets! I entered, of course - and then told hubby, just back from the dentists and needing fillings, that he should enter too. He did. And then we sat and waited for 4 o'clock when the winners would be announced.
I saw SkyMirror sending messages to the winners and after several had gone out, assumed we hadn't been lucky, and closed Twitter. Later I decided to quickly check my e-mail - and was stunned to see a Twitter message saying I HAD won tickets - and, quickly checking hubby's account, found he had too!
Then I began to realise we were pushed for time. Dinner wasn't even planned, let alone cooked. Hubby was out jogging. The dog needed his evening walk before being left in charge of the house. We can have an hour's journey to Nottingham depending on traffic and roadworks. I quickly pushed some dinner in the oven, grabbed the dog and took him up to the field, fortunately finding a jogging husband while we were out so we could tell him the exciting news.
Having eaten and changed out of dog walking/jogging gear we headed to Nottingham - only to find the main road closed and traffic being redirected by police! The clock was ticking frantically at this point with traffic barely moving on the diverted route. Hitting another main road into town, we started to move quickly at last and with some luck at traffic lights made it to the Playhouse with more time to spare than we'd expected. A huge sigh of relief!
A day of drama ending with the real stuff, performed by others for our entertainment!

A proper review of The Importance of Being Earnest

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