Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Once Upon A Time (In Space) - Edinburgh fringe

"Fairy Tales! Musical Cabaret! Steampunk Space Pirates!" - with a spiel like that on their flyer how could I resist going to see The Mechanisms and Once Upon A Time (In Space)?

The evil Old King Cole has abducted his finest soldier Rose Red with the intent of cloning a race of super-warriors. Her sister Snow White and seven companions escape to lead the rebellion and Cinders searches through space for her lost love.....

This was one of the many free Fringe events taking place throughout Edinburgh - in this case, down a dark alleyway and a flight of stairs taking us into an underground club.

Our party of 3 was divided, to say the least, in appreciation. I loved it, one didn't, one thought it was ok - so a fair cross section of opinion. The story was told mainly through song with some short sections of dialogue. A bizarre mix of folk and sea shanty style music, outrageous costumes and sci-fi reworkings of fairy tales - all culminating in a rousing version of What Shall We Do With A Drunk Space-Pilot (you can probably guess the tune). Great fun!

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  1. Sounds good. I saw a steampunk jazz band the other day. It's quite the thing now, isn't it.