Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Edinburgh has to be my favourite city - in fact probably the only one I'd think of visiting for a holiday.

It has parks in the centre to sit in and soak up the sun - and yes, apart from a heavy 10 minute downpour one afternoon, the sun did shine.

It has fascinating alleys and secret wynds to discover just off the main Royal Mile which leads from the old castle on top of its rock to the 'newer' palace of Holyrood.

Royal Mile




and wide open spaces in the New Town
with glimpses of the sea beyond

looking down Dundas Street to Fife

these three photographs were taken from the roof terrace of the National Museum of Scotland - a wonderful spot to get an almost bird's-eye view of the city

There's even a beach! What more could one want?

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  1. What beautiful weather you had, too, by the looks of it!