Monday, 27 August 2012

Closer - Edinburgh Fringe

Closer by Patrick Marber is a story of relationships, deceit and betrayal. Four people - a wannabe writer, a stripper, a photographer and a doctor - meet, fall into two couples, break up, re-form, break up again.

Originally a stage play, it was filmed in 2004 by Mike Nichols and starring Jude Law, Clive Owen, Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman - so I must admit that when I was stopped on the Royal Mile by a young man handing out flyers for Rush Theatre Company's production of Closer I was a little doubtful about seeing it. After all I've watched the film version several times and although that isn't quite true to the original Patrick Marber script, it has stuck in my mind. I didn't want to go along to a performance that I felt almost certain would disappoint me.
Fortunately a half-price offer on the last day of our stay in Edinburgh tempted us to go - and I'm so glad I did.
'Daniel' handing out flyers
I had expected a carbon copy of the film but was delighted to find nothing of the sort. It must be difficult to take on something and make it your own when a lot of the audience probably come along with pre-conceived ideas but Rush Theatre Co managed to pull it off. They brought out a lot more humour from the script - a different emphasis, an accompanying gesture is all it takes. The chat room scene in particular was brilliant! All the characters came across as significantly different to their screen counterparts - which altered the dynamics of the group. I found I had a lot more sympathy for 'Larry' in this version. He seemed more manipulated by the others and less devious himself. I don't want to single out just one person for praise though - all four actors were excellent.

All in all a brilliant end to our week in Edinburgh - and one that I so nearly missed.

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  1. Oh, reading your posts I am fed up that once again I missed Edinburgh. I keep meaning to go each year and each year something gets in the way.

    1. We didn't intend spending most of the week in town - had plans to visit Fife and Stirling - but couldn't resist it once we'd been.