Sunday, 16 December 2018

Once Upon a Time - Christmas at Chatsworth

Back to Chatsworth again this week for a second look at their Christmas display, Once Upon a Time.
It's a little strange that both Chatsworth and Haddon have picked a similar theme for their Christmas decorations, but they were very different.

We were welcomed by a huge sleeping dragon, and as we progressed round the house there were more, smaller, dragons to be found hiding among the displays.

Starting with Charlotte's Web transformed into glittery lights the trail leads on past Beatrix Potter characters,  Cinderella's coach, a mattress fit for a princess (though being slept on by one of the small dragons), Sleeping Beauty and Mary Poppins inspired displays.

A| princess could still feel a pea under all these mattresses, but will a small dragon?

I'm not going to attempt to post photos of everything because then there would be no surprises left, though as I said this was my second visit and I still spotted new things to amaze and delight me.

For Haddon's very different interpretation, based more on fairy tales than books, of Once Upon a Time see here

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