Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Short Sunday walk at Carsington

 We decided to take advantage of Sunday's dry and more-or-less sunny weather to head out for a short walk at Carsington Reservoir.

You can walk or cycle all the way round (about 8 miles, I think) but we parked at Sheepwash car park, strolled down to the visitor centre and back again. It's favourite of ours which we've done many times. The views over the reservoir are blocked at times by trees but it's a pleasant amble, about a mile and a half each way, with separate paths for walkers and cyclists for much of the time so dogs can run around off-lead, and it's less windy than walking along the top of the dam, which makes it pleasanter at chilly times of year.

There are a couple of bird hides along the way and an old WW2 tower, once used for checking bombing practice but now a good place to look out over the water.

The low sun makes the photographs look rather eerie but actually it was a pleasant day for November with blue sky and high wispy cloud.

Not only did we spot a hot air balloon (the black dot,above) but just after I'd taken this photo two bi-planes flew past!

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