Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Sunset walk at Shipley Country Park

Sunday was a lovely sunny day but, what with the clocks having been changed and everything, it was getting late before we set out. Still, Shipley Country Park is close by, and it was a beautiful afternoon/evening for a short walk, even if the sun was setting as we headed out of the car park!
We headed diagonally uphill under the trees on Horsepool Hill with the low sun creating stripy shadows on the fallen leaves.

On into the remains of the formal gardens where my eye was caught by the wonderful red foliage of what I think is as Japanese maple

Then back down the old main drive and private road, under Sweet chestnuts, to the car park with the sky turning the most wonderful colours.

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  1. I love an evening walk (or afternoon at this time of year), you can't beat seeing the world in the fading light of evening.