Tuesday, 13 June 2017


I'd been feeling rather smug as I'd got through winter with barely a sniffle but now I've been laid low by a summer bug, and a leg injury so I've spent the past two weeks more or less confined to the house -  and it's really beginning to annoy me!
overgrown path I hardly
dare venture down
The leg injury came first - I fell over a small fence, and scraped a fist-sized chunk of skin off my shin. Ouch! Although this is healing, it's such a large area of skin that it's taking ages. Walking any distance aggravates it, sitting still too long makes it ache. Meanwhile I hardly dare venture down the garden path for fear of walking into a plant stem, or open a cupboard in case something falls out.
Then a few days later I came down with a wheezing cough. For a while it was amusing - I was making all sorts of weird noises, from a cat-like purr to Darth Vader groans, squeaky trumpet to full blown brass band; my daughter mistook me for a ringing phone, and even managed a two tone ambulance siren noise! But the days went on and instead of going away, it morphed into a cold, then back to a wheezy chest ...and it's stopped being funny.
patio turning into a lawn

 The two together have left me tired, aching, and out of breath, but what's really frustrating me is the length of time it's taking to get fit and well again. I've had to cancel all sorts of plans -from my monthly book club to a music gig, and even daily tasks like housework and gardening have been reduced to a minimum - and I'm not amused.  
I suppose taking longer to recover is something that happens as you get older, but I'm not ready to give up yet! I've talked about it before but this time I think I actually need to make some progress on those diet and fitness plans, so that next time I'm in better shape before the bugs hit, and hopefully will bounce back quicker. 


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