Sunday, 28 May 2017

Trendy at last - well, at least the garden is

My neighbour and her daughter went off to the Chelsea flower show this week, and tell me that the slightly wild, 'don't worry about the weeds' look is fashionable in garden design.

Well, mine's been looking that way for years!

There are various permanent plantings - oriental poppies, lupins, peonies, roses, lavender - but many of the flowers self-set wherever they choose, so forget-me-nots, welsh poppies, foxgloves and love in mist can spring up almost anywhere filling up any bare patches.

Sometimes they throw up surprising colour combinations like orange poppies and pink rock roses, but it adds a touch of exotic brightness.

And somewhere in there, yes, there
are probably some over-looked weeds - but I can't see them so why does it matter?

This one actually IS a weed - it grew and flowered one year, and it's pretty so I've let it stay.

I'm not sure the Chelsea gardens were trying this look - flowers and vegetables together. I've also got a small wigwam of peas and several pumpkins planted to wind among every thing else

I love this unkempt look. It's also low effort, which is good, and I'll be keeping it even when fashion has changed back to something more formal and restrained

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