Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Two Weeks of One Hour Outside

You might remember that, after some initial doubts, I decided to join in with the One Hour Outside challenge as seen on Splodz Blog

I started out very enthusiastically - the weather was comparatively mild; I discovered that just hanging out and fetching in the laundry takes 15 to 20 minutes; there were lots of things that needed doing in the garden, such as tidying up last year's dead foliage to see the snowdrops coming through; I even took a few extra minutes to watch the sunset or look at the moon.

It's the time of year when gardeners start to think about what to grow come the warmer months, whether flowers or vegetables, so I spent some time outside pottering about, looking at spaces and planning what to sow and where.

So for the first few days of the month things were going fine, with round about an hour outside every day.
Then ... towards the end of the first week, temperatures dropped; at first just raw and cold, then snow and cold drizzle descended, and I barely wanted to walk outside to the dustbins!

The last couple of days we've been back to milder weather, so I'm back to pottering around, trying to encourage the snowdrops to flower, if nothing more!
I'd like though, for the last weeks of February, to get further outside than just round my garden. With luck this weather will hold till weekend when I'm hoping to go out and about on snowdrop-themed walks at Shipley Country Park and Calke Abbey

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