Thursday, 2 February 2017

The One Hour Outside Challenge

Browsing through blogs last week, I came across this idea on  Splodz Blogz - the One Hour Outside Challenge, basically encouraging everyone to spend an hour outside every day in February. My immediate reaction was - not me, thank you very much! I'll stay inside warm and dry while hubby walks the dog.

But February came along today and the weather was mild, even if damp at first before the clouds parted and blue sky appeared, so I wandered outside, checked the slow progress of the snowdrops, decided to plant out a new Christmas rose, and before I realised, I'd been pottering about for half and hour or so. Later, as the day brightened, I took 10 minutes hanging out washing, another 15 or 20 sorting uncompostable garden rubbish for the dustbin, 10 more to fetch the washing back inside (and look at the moon just becoming visible as the sky darkened), and, in the evening after my book club, at least another 10 waiting to be picked up. Add those bits of time up, and they're comfortably over an hour.

So ... I'm going to give this a go. There'll things that I regularly do - gardening, walks to the library and the local shops - maybe on dry days I'll join in the dog walk, and later on his month I hope to be out to parks and gardens to see snowdrops in flower. I may not end up with an hour outside every day (I can't honestly imagine I'll do it in heavy rain) but at least I'll try.

If it feels like your sort of challenge, check the original post here

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